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Cosmetic Gum Re-Contouring

This type of procedure is often performed to correct a “gummy smile” in which the teeth appear to be shorter than they actually are. It is also used to improve pocket depths due to periodontal disease or recession.

A complimentary consult with Dr.Terzis can determine whether or not you are a candidate for this type of procedure. If you are a candidate, a small amount of gum tissue can be removed, exposing more of your natural teeth and dramatically improving the appearance of your smile.

*For further questions or to find out if you are a candidate, please call to book a complimentary consultation!

Crown Lengthening Makeovers

Crown lengthening exposes a greater amount of tooth structure that are covered by gums. Often times, those who appear to have shorter teeth will actually have their gums covering much of their crown and limiting the exposure of their teeth. Our crown extending procedure will reveal more of your beautiful smile. Dr. Terzis is fully committed to providing patients with a happier and healthier smile. Contact us to schedule a complimentary consultation.

Below is a before and after gallery of satisfied patients who received a procedure at our London, Ontario dentistry office.

Please click on the image to view enlarged versions.

Crown Lengthening Patient Case 1



Patient Case 2